Vorton is an Italian company operating in the karting world.  Vorton’s aim is to provide products to all karting people, and for this reason it built strong relationship and cooperation with important and succesfull companies of the karting world.

The tyres branded LeVanto, produced by the well-known Italian tyres manufacturer LeCont, will equip all Rok classes from 2021. Vorton will take care of the ditribution of Levanto in the world.

Thanks to the partnership with Bridgestone Japan, Vorton became the official Bridgestone Distributor for kart tyres for all Europe. Vorton is very proud of this agreement  with such a prestigious and celebrated company, well know all over the world for its products’ quality and professionalism.

Moreover Vorton collaborates with OTK kart wear and manages its online store, where people can easily buy Tony Kart, Kosmic, EOS, Exprit, Vortex and Rok clothes and accessories.

Bridgestone Rain TIRE – Rok Junior/Senior/ZK 22%
Bridgestone Rain TIRE – Rok Junior/Senior/ZK
12000 EUR (fara taxe)
18445 EUR
14280 EUR (taxe incluse)